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I leave today! And i’ve opened a new blog:

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J. Cole mourns Mike Brown Memorial in Ferguson

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That punk ass murdering cop motherfucker was posting on Facebook within hours after he killed Mike Brown. No fucking remorse.

Fuck this dirty pig piece of shit. May you burn in hell Bryan P. William.  

"nobody will find me with that name"

wrong wrong wrong
there is no one with that name associated with the ferguson police department
try again anonymous

“ I always believed that we would find our way back to each other every time. But this time it felt final. Like I would never see him again, or that when I did, it would be different - there would be a mountain between us. I knew it in my bones. This time was it. I had finally made my choice, and so had he. He let me go. ”

—    Jenny Han, We’ll Always Have Summer (via sydneyrae)

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She does not know
her beauty,
she thinks her brown body
has no glory.

If she could dance
under palm trees
and see her image in the river,
she would know.

But there are no palm trees
on the street,
and dish water gives back
no images

—    Waring Cuney



ive seen a lot of videos going around of whats happening in ferguson but i havent seen this one so here

this is just so fucking horrible

how do these people not recognize what they are doing

how do they not see these people as human beings


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What is The New Black?.


"The New Black doesn’t blame other races for our issues. The New Black dreams and realizes that it’s not pigmentation: it’s a mentality and it’s either going to work for you or it’s going to work against you. And you’ve got to pick the side you’re going to be on.”

Those are the words of Pharrell Williams.

Some people don’t understand why this outlook is so problematic and why The New Black title has become so fitting to describe Don Lemon, Keke Palmer, and SZA to name a few.

We are not one as human beings. Is that a bad thing? No. Race is one of the many things that distinguishes us. 

It’s troublesome if there’s injustice towards a particular race and someone deflects the deep-rooted issue in favor of a kumbaya-we’re-all-one-and-bleed-red stance. It’s usually the mentality of many white people who are out of touch and feel something can affect all people, even though it’s well known to only affect one particular group. Take notice.

We do all bleed red (duh), but those causes are not always the same. 

Many will never know what police brutality and the injustice of it is like firsthand. They can only onlook. Black people have always been the main focus to the police, the system. Are black people to blame for these actions against them as a whole race, like Pharrell has tended towards? No. It’s uncontrollable, routine behavior that has been going on way before it’s ever been televised in black communities. Police murder one and walk free. They learned from their forefathers, the KKK.

In the case of Ferguson, Keke Palmer and SZA have recently stated, “it is bigger than color.” Keke made her stance right after hearing about Mike Brown’s murder and SZA only stated her feelings on it after a police officer kicked a white protester.

Now, if a white person is a peaceful protestor amongst a slew of black peaceful protestors, or they are a part of the media (reporter, cameraman, photographer) that displays the systems actions to the world, like in Ferguson, they are only then seen as a threat. Not because of the color of their skin, but due to the police seeing them act as allies to black people.

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I think I had an orgasm…

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Happening now in Ferguson, Missouri: Instead of following police orders to disperse, protesters get on their knees with their hands up, refuse to move, August 13, 2014.

Holy. Shit.

This is gonna be in textbooks 50 years from now

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I will reblog this until the stars burn out……

white people are very brave when it comes to terrorizing black children who do not have the power to fight back. and are very surprise when someone comes to their defense.

I will reblog until I die.

Don’t look to any outsiders to protect our children.

Will never not reblog

my stepmother did shit like this to me for 10 years that little bitch

Be there for our babies.

Ok the boy is autistic though I mean I understand what y’all saying but c’mon now.

There are layers to this

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Tulsa, Oklahoma near the original Black Wall Street.

Just sad

I guess that meme of DaQuan—the one y’all thought was funny—came true mhmmm 😒

These people

  • kicked their daughter out (left her at a homeless shelter)
  • found out she had left the shelter to live with a guy
  • tracked them down at 9 at night to yell at her
  • shot her unarmed boyfriend (killing him)
  • shot at her after she ran to hide in the bushes
  • shot at the bf’s 13 yr old brother (hitting him in the arm)
  • fled the scene 
  • were allowed to turn themselves in
  • were put on PAID suspension

Such bullshit

Attempted murder (and shooting at minors!)  only gets paid leave. The more one scratches the surface..

I like can’t even process the amount of racism and violence that has suddenly spiked. Not that it’s not like it was never happening but fucking hell I’m seeing a new story everyday about some child of color getting gunned down like an animal while white guys that shoot up schools and movie theaters get probation because “they where so mentally ill.” I hate the world

stay strapped, brothers and sisters

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“ Black skin
too. ”

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